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Sheryl M. Larsen , Inc. (SMLI) is passionate about making systems perform! Senior IT leadership engages SMLI to develop solutions for highly visible and underperforming DB2 applications.  SMLI has been called a “first class business partner” by former clients for its world class customized training and performance solutions. SMLI’s specialty is DB2 analysis, consulting and advanced education.
Call (630) 399 - 3330  or send an e-mail smlsql@comcast.net to find out how a Return On Investment, ROI, can occur within 72 hours of SMLI consulting and/or education.

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New for 2012!
DB2 and SQL Training updated for DB2 10!  Cross Platform SQL Tuning!

Award winning lectures and course materials guaranteed
to increase skills in as little as one day
Coming to a city near you or available on site!


Home DB2 Access Paths SMLI Tech Gallery Links